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2. Advanced Preferences

fmPreferences - Advanced Preferences Management

Advanced tab allows you to: 

- Write SQL log. This option will save SQL log files for you. 

- Enable/Disable Display Favorites section option.

- Enable/Disable WYSIWYG HTML editors option.

- Set Table prefix. All tables with your data will have such prefix. If you have several Stores this option will be usefull for you.

- Enable/Disable whether to show Show banner.

- Enable/Disable whether to Show tips on start-up.

- Specify Store URL. Store Manager allows you to View Category/Product pages. To make sure the link is generated correctly, you can uncheck "Same as database host" and type the proper URL.


Notifications section allows you to: 
- Enable/Disable whether to Notify that new updates are available. 
- Enable/Disable new order notifications option. 
- Set last order ID. 

Also, you can Automatically adjust thumbnail image dimensions and enable Notifications about new orders.